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Important Notice

Universe Enterprise has raised the maximum limit and lengthened the repayment period. Your name will be BLACKLISTED in FIDAS customer database if you failed to pay the installment for 3 months.


Just imagine what you can do with the loan amount. The loan can actually assist you in many ways such as paying off your credit card debts. This can reduce your monthly expenses by settling part of your bad credit.

If you are thinking of taking up the loan from us to further your studies, then your dream of achieving another certificate in education can be made true.

For utilizing the loan in home improvements, one can also use the money for house renovation on a newly bought house or an old house which needs repair and maintenance badly.

Getting a loan is a way of boosting your finance if you are thinking to pump in more capital into your current business. Our loan programs will not restrict you on how to spend the loan amount.

Getting a loan from Universe Enterprise allows you to regain your financial freedom.


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