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For all your financial needs


Solution for all your financial needs


Customers can obtain their personal loan from our company to settle some of their most essential financial needs such as for their education purpose, credit card repayment, house renovation, property mortgage and many other personal finance needs. Successful loan applicants can enjoy our flexible loan structure with affordable paying back fees.


To whose have pension or SOCSO fund and need of cash for emergency use.


Customers may also transfer their outstanding balance to us from other money lender. It will thus help our customers at:

  • Save more with lower interest rates
  • Extra cash for your other needs
  • Pay less on interest charge
  • Long repayment period up to 24 month

Loan Interest Rate Not Exceeding:

12% per annum (secured)

18% per annum (unsecured)

Name Terms Secured Loan Unsecured Loan
Sosco 12 Months 1.0% 1.5%
Pension 10 Months 1.0% 1.5%
Government 06 Months 1.0% 1.5%
Private 06 Months 1.0% 1.5%


Wanna Know About Us

Universe Enterprise offers a comprehensive range of loan plans to our customers nationwide. The loan application is fast and easy where we shall provide you with flexible funding at times of your financial needs. Some of our loan packages include personal loan, pension as well as SOCVO holders balance transfer.

It is of our privilege to be able to serve our customers in the industry of financing. Universe Enterprise has special loan packages just to meet the requirements of different individuals. Our loans are offered to our customers in a flexible loan structure with affordable fees and payback time.

Our loan services include personal loan, pension and SOCSO holders and balance transfer. Customers who are in financial need of any kind can inquire consultation from our company pertaining to various loan services that we offer such as personal loan, personnel loan, etc. Each of our loan packages is specially designed by our consultant to meet specific demands.
For pension and SOCSO holders, they are also eligible to apply personal loan from our company in times of their emergency need.
Individuals with existing outstanding balance from other money lender may also transfer their current outstanding balance to our company. We offer a lower interest rate of repayment scheme and a repayment period of up to 24 months.
Universe Enterprise will guide our customers in a systematic and simple manner through their application process. Applicant of our company’s personal loan will be notified on their loan status within a short period. We are dedicated to provide the best loan offer and customer support for our customers’ needs.

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